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With their shiny Korean celebrity lives far behind them, the two look like any other ordinary couple on their first big romantic getaway, even dressing in matching couple outfits. Just cuzz other people might not think Moon is attractive by their standards doesnt mean Kim doesnt.He likes her, she likes him, everyone get the f over it already, everyone needs to stop hating and be happy that they found someone to love.

They have apparently been seeing each other regularly, meeting at various basketball games where the New Jersey Nets (now called Brooklyn Nets) star provided her and family members with courtside seats.

About a month ago, I uploaded a music video I made of my favorite Korean drama couple, So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) and Chu Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) from Boys Over Flowers.

To my surprise, the MV has over 4,200 views and counting.

Eun-Ji was linked with Kim Bum in the past, but currently, her relationship status appears to be single.

Read the full story: There’s only one confirmed relationship of Eun-Ji till now. Bum, who was also designated as ‘Eun-Ji’ immediate boyfriend, is a very famous South Korean actor/ model and singer. However, their love affair dissolved in 2013 after their break up.

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She blasted him over his song Theraflu in which West disses Humphries, rapping: 'And I admit I fell in love with Kim...

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