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All you need to do is follow these simple instructions, and your File Maker database’s addresses will be flawless.Watch on Youtube: File Maker USPS Address Validation The first step of this integration is to create an account with USPS.Once you have your username, you will need to build a URL query to validate an address using the USPS web tool and the File Maker script step Insert from URL.You will also want to make sure that the parameters within your URL are encoded using the File Maker function Get As URLEncoded().Feel free to check out the USPS API documentation to see how to build the URL. However, if you run into problems receiving the XML response, and you are sure that your request is correct, you may need to call USPS Web Tools technical support to ensure your account is activated.

In compliance with USPS standards, it also standardizes and corrects addresses as necessary.

Our Address Validation service allows you to verify and correct postal addresses from 240 countries world-wide.

You can test our Address Validation service here for free - just register for a free API key.

Hippo"); address Map.put("company", "Shippo"); address Map.put("street1", "215 Clayton St."); address Map.put("city", "San Francisco"); address Map.put("state", "CA"); address Map.put("zip", "94117"); address Map.put("country", "US"); address Map.put("phone", " 1 5"); address Map.put("email", "[email protected]"); address Map.put("validate", "true"); Address create Address = Address.create(address Map); This call returns the same response JSON as the sample response above.

With our address verification and cleaning service you can easily verify if an address exists and is deliverable.

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