Updating a materialized view in oracle

If PCT refresh is possible, it will occur automatically and no user intervention is required in order for it to occur.When updating an existing record, is it deleted from a materialized view and then re-inserted?The simplest scenario is when the partitioning key of the table is available in the SELECT list of the materialized view, because this is the easiest way to map a row to a stale partition.The key points when using partially stale materialized views are: Partitioning and Refresh In a data warehouse, changes to the detail tables can often entail partition maintenance operations, such as DROP, EXCHANGE, MERGE, and ADD PARTITION.So I used to think materialized views in Postgres would be an awesome feature. Hopefully if PG 10 implements this, they'll make it actually useful to people.

The partitioning of the materialized view itself has no bearing on this feature.

The result is delivered slightly slower as if the MV were FRESH, so there is some overhead involved in the process.

But it should be noticeable faster than having to do Full Table Scans as it was required in versions before 12c in that situation.

That is until I had to endure the hell hole which is Oracle's implementation.. Not sure if this was a question or just blowing off frustration, but you can do materialized views in PG just fine.

It's just that you have to do the work of updating them yourself.

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A master table can have only one materialized view log defined on it.

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