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The Ainsdale sand dunes have been designated as a national nature reserve and a Ramsar site.

Local fauna include the Natterjack toad and the Sand lizard.

Exercise: Where once we stretched out our fitness regimens — running, group classes, strength training — we now do these things all at once. Crossfit is intense exercise within a compressed period of time with people yelling at you. Dating: This social rite has always been barbaric, mostly because it required actually going on a date.

We are proud to say we have many success stories with couples who have come to our speed dating events who have found the person of their dreams, it could happen to you too.

Fast food used to be the answer, but the drive-thru has become the slow-thru.

Food: Real food involves cooking; but who has time to wait for a watched pot to boil?

This offers a hands on approach to learning and is a tremendous teaching tool for the entire college.

To learn more, please contact Jennifer Gore at [email protected] 910.755.7315.

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