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Since the…Elvis Andrus’ wife Cori Andrus gave birth to their son Elvis Jr. Elvis said it was the best feeling in the world when the baby came.

I don’t exactly know when the couple became engaged, but Cori already calls herself Cori Andrus. Elvis is certainly the type of person to document every significant activity and event in their relationship.

26, during a NASCAR event at Dover (Del.) International Speedway.She requested a no-contact order in family court, a matter that she hoped could be settled while the Dover police and the state’s attorneys office decided whether to pursue criminal charges against the 2004 Cup champion—who has gone from forcefully denying Driscoll’s allegation to grudgingly confirming certain aspects of it to essentially brushing it all off again.(Busch, who has declined through his representatives to speak to about the incident, has largely refrained from speaking publicly about the case.).Never in Patricia Driscoll’s wildest imagination did she figure anyone would ever peg her—a five-foot-tall former ballet dancer—for an assassin, let alone a “trained” one.But since bringing a domestic violence claim against her former boyfriend, the NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, she has faced a mighty while trying to persuade the general public that she isn’t the second coming of Chris "American Sniper" Kyle.

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PD was just pissed because he broke up with her only thing she accomplished was to get herself busted for stealing from the charity she worked for. Wouldn't she have done her homework about that before posting article?

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