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All that remains is the following anonymous post of their manifesto to survivinginfidelity.com: Avid Life Media runs Ashley Madison, the internet’s #1 cheating site, for people who are married or in a relationship to have an affair.ALM also runs Established Men, a prostitution/human trafficking website for rich men to pay for sex, as well as cougar life, a dating website for cougars, man crunch, a site for gay dating, swappernet for swingers, and the big and the beautiful, for overweight dating. We have hacked them completely, taking over their entire office and production domains and thousands of systems, and over the past few years have taken all customer information databases, complete source code repositories, financial records, documentation, and emails, as we prove here. For a company whose main promise is secrecy, it’s like you didn’t even try, like you thought you had never pissed anyone off.-Other very embarrassing personal information also remains, including sexual fantasies and more -We have all such records and are releasing them as Ashley Madison remains online.Impact Team We are not opportunistic skids with DDo S or SQLi scanners or defacements.Do have an interest in a 3-way Poly love and friendship. About Me: I am an honest,caring who only wants to find his solemate before it is too late.Feabie (pronounced like the woman’s name, “Phoebe”) was designed with the needs of the heterosexual feederism community in mind, though we remain open to all people of all orientations.We are dedicated, focused, skilled, and we’re never going away.If you profit off the pain of others, whatever it takes, we will completely own you.

Would help if also enjoyed things like reading, movies, theater, etc. About Guys I Want To Meet: Looking for a jock who finds the contrast between us hot.As you my have heard by now, on Sunday, online security super reporter Brian Krebs revealed that the infamous "dating site for married people who want to cheat on their spouse," Ashley Madison had its systems hacked, with whoever is responsible claiming to have basically everything.Apparently the site (and a few other similar sites run by the company) had 37 million registered users, many of which are probably a bit more worried about their information leaking publicly than they were a couple days ago.or they will release a database containing details of its 37 million users, information about employees and salary and bank account information.In other words, if you have ever signed up for the Ashley Madison website, there is a chance that your name, address, and sexual peccadillos may now be in the hands of hackers - and might soon be made public.

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