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Since it is a single person project I also added one person to the "Resources" of the file, assigned that resource to all the tasks, and leveled the project.After the plan was entered and tasks were leveled I figured the calendar was not correctly set (in UAE the weekend is Friday and Saturday instead of Saturday and Sunday).The key is to understand the sense behind Project’s priorities when setting task dates.The main considerations to make are listed below: Project provides a lot of help to spot these potential problems. I experienced a glitch in 20 where a summary task “stopped responding” to its sub tasks.If you split a task the duration of the task will only show as the actual work duration and not count the split time.

However after doing this, the tasks are still scheduled over Friday and Saturday even though I have marked them as non-working days in the standard calendar.

As a consultant you come across a lot of different projects/companies/people.

I’ve noticed that there are some flaws that keep popping up, regardless of the company, project or person.

In this series of articles, I would like to explain 7 of these flaws and subsequently show you how to solve each situation.

Take a close look at this Gantt table, and more specifically at the Indicators column (the blue “i” icon left to task mode): How did these calendars get there?

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In most cases, Project is not misbehaving; you need to understand what Project assumes when it schedules tasks.

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