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For a lunch date, you should look attractive without appearing overtly sexy. Unlike a skirt, you don't have to worry about a dress hiking up or resting unevenly on your hips.A basic dress plus a few pieces of jewelry or a flattering belt looks trendy and impressive.Recently I read that there is a simple way to tell if someone is really 'into' us, and not surprisingly, in a material world full of material girls (and boys), it supposedly depends on how much money and how much commitment we are willing to put into that initial meeting or on that all important first date.What I read was this: 'Coffee is cheap, drinks are an audition, lunch is an interview but dinner means business'.If you don’t have time for lunch on weekdays, we also organise weekend lunches and early evening lunch style dates!Our emphasis is on making first dates short, sweet and simple.After she sits down, she realizes that she has no cutlery, and returns to the service counter for a fork.When she comes back, she finds an African American man who appears to be homeless sitting down and eating a salad.

I'd find it hard to be coy and flirtatious with someone who's already familiar with my ins and outs (or outs and ins, depending on whatever makes you happy).Whether lunching during a work break or meeting on a leisurely day off, the objective is the same -- present an honest style statement with your comfort in mind.Struggling with uncomfortable underwear or a coping with a constrictive dress skirt can keep your mind off the important things, like getting to know your date.We take into account psychological, physical and intellectual factors in order to ensure a high quality match between you and your date.Rather than spending lunch with your colleagues, friends or even by yourself, you could use the same time to meet other single and like-minded professionals.

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