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Here's a brief overview, including a look at some of the more modern ways of meeting fellow Jews. ranges from old-fashioned matchmaking to dating without any emphasis on religion at all.The Internet has brought a mini-revolution to the world of Jewish relationships.These online dating sites are making romantic Jewish matches every day.Use this time to develop yourself into the kind of partner you want to be, and to attract If half the soul is Jewish, the other half is also Jewish. If you cut an apple in half and hide one half, forever and always, its other half will be apple - not orange, not pear, not egg. Make sure your goals and values are not on a collision course.You don't have to have all of the same interests but you do need to respect each other's differences.Jewish tradition varies widely in practice and purpose of courtship.

This site is committed to connecting Orthodox Jews.The Torah (Leviticus ) speaks of a "Covenant of Salt," where God instructs us to use salt on all the offerings as if to say that His covenant with us is eternal, sealed with salt.Since salt never spoils, it is a symbol of indestructibility.In Talmudic times the practice was to dip bread in salt to give it some flavor.Jewish law states that for "clean bread" (and ours surely qualifies) this is not required.

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Rivkah sees Yitzhak and literally falls off her camel in love with him.

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