Im 21 dating 15 year old

Khloe brought up Amber’s past as a teenage stripper and essentially told Amber to stay her in lane, and Amber replied with a heavy dose of snark.

anyone who would have been in grades K-12 when I would have been also. All that has to happen is for the girl's parents to find out.18 is the minimum for me, but I would honestly prefer at least 20-22 (generally a huge maturity difference over those few years).Max age, depending on the woman, is between 30-35/38. Any women who talks about her biological clock getting louder and louder will be immediately disqualified.In an interview this morning, Tyga denied that he’s sleeping with Kylie and says that they’re not dating, they’re just friends.People can believe what they want to believe, but the fact is that the Internet is exploding with whether or not a relationship between a 25-year-old dude and a teenage girl is okay.

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For 12–15 year olds, the 2 year (24-month) rule applies.

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