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For the beers, the new must-try gems list includes: Les Trois Mousquetaires Doppelbock (8.7% ABV) is simply a delight with an excellent biscuit-malted nose and a finely grassy hops finish to a roasty beginning!

Grade: A Mont des Cats, in bottle at Le Saint Bock, offered me a taste from the unofficial new Trappist Brewery and didn't disappoint, offering what could perhaps be the most light and easily drinkable of the Belgian Strong Darks I have had. Grade: A Spearhead's new(-ish) Moroccan Brown Ale is a fine American Brown with raisin, fig and plum notes adding a new twist on a well-done classic.

A smooth, quick flight, three and one half hours later we landed at in Phoenix, AZ and were welcomed by a beautiful, sunshiny 70 degrees (later in the day it got up around 82 degrees).

We used to just grab a car at the airport car rental, but you can save 25% or more by going into town and renting at an offsite car rental location so this makes total sense for the fiscally conservative crowd. They then said they didn’t have anything else but would call around to see what else might be available.

Grade: A- Lindeman's Cuvée Renée (Gueuze) from the LCBO was a sour funky delight adding to my growing love of this style! Grade: A- Pauwel Kwak, yes in the funky glass, is a fun experience, and though good is basically just your standard Belgian Pale, but worth having once - if in the right glass!

Follow me on facebook at Don't take the infrequency of posts as an implication that my beer consumption has dissipated, but I cannot catch up on all.Miners went underground to hack out coal under primitive conditions.There was no local or federal legislation to protect them.After an hour we went back to Enterprise and grabbed our new Taurus, and headed off to my brother’s home in Mesa.Got settled in and then went and saw “the fam”: Mom, my sister and her boyfriend, one niece and her daughter and, of course, my brother Jimco and his wife, Jane.

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Ate a Chinese dinner (calories kill us on these trips!

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