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Men are visual, which is why they like looking at whatever turns them on regardless of size. Nothing against them, I just like dicks, big ones are better.

However, once the sex act is actaully underway and if the chemistry is good, I think the size issue goes away. I hate seeing a pencil dick or tiny little thing and thinking, yuck. Aesthetic yes..looking at one of those monsters gets my mouth a'waterin. OP, that is like asking why gay men are turned on by men. If I knew why, then I would have an answer to one of life's mysteries.

Drooling over some seriously sexy photos of men sporting ink along with those impressive muscles.

There's something extremely alluring about a man with tattoos.

Commitment is becoming a lost art these days, replaced with one-liners and stories of big promises with little results.

Tats typically give guys a bad boy edge, and most women, including myself, find that incredibly f*cking sexy.

Like their gorgeous owners, tattoos are living works of art that should be admired by all.

You know when a guy with a sleeve tattoo wears a simple t-shirt - it's like heaven on earth.

You can't help but think how his arms can wrap around your waist and make you feel loved.

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