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I got to thinking very early on how have males get away with it for so long. Wet Dreams, wanking, the mess they leave when they ejaculate on clothing, the bed clothes, worse, on you and me.

The topic of this thread is infantilism, not others distorted view(s) on it. Remember, the OP had a misunderstanding of the topic.

I read the following article many years ago and it got me thinking and not to say a little hot. Of the many ways to capture and dominate your favourite sub, male or female, is the use of diapers which also offers unique potential.

Unlike traditional bondage equipment, which cannot usually be worn in public, diapers are generally hidden and if discovered (intentionally or by accident) are presumed to be present due to medical necessity.

Last night was a night I anticipated weeks in advance. I was bored as usual and I wanted to just look around. A lucid dream is when you realize your dreaming, and have control over what happens next in your dream. Diapers have to be flooded daily and as much as possible without interupt. I love the diapers they make me happy and give me a good life as DL with dysfunctional incontinence. I realized that I too loved the warm feeling in between my legs, but most importantly I found the feeling of a messy diaper! I need a wee bedly, so I relax and have a wee, it floods my nappy and overfills.

Really thick diapers are great and much more fun to flood. I love diapers because they protect my clothes and when I as a DL drowns diapers I play with them for... Fact is, I had no privacy to do the diaper thing in my home and I hiding those diapers was getting harder and harder. my pyjamas are very wet and i can smell wee so I get into bed. I love the feeling of being wet the diaper is soft and warm. Part one My name is Kevin and I was aged 24 when I first met Catherine.

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