Dating less attractive women

She was attracted by his profile, which made him seem smart, thoughtful and interesting.He liked how she looked in her photos, and also thought she sounded fun, interesting, and smart.Then John looked at his watch and said that he had to get going.He didn’t mention getting together again, and that was the last Sara heard from him. There are many possible reasons that John might have decided not to pursue the relationship further: He may simply have decided he was not attracted to her after all, or that she was not as interesting as she seemed in her profile.

Real talk: we’ve all seen a couple on the street and wondered why they’re together. People are usually attracted to other people who they perceive to be the same level of attractiveness as they are.

You may have heard about this study as it made the rounds on sites like Psychology Today, Business Insider, and countless other news outlets.

The findings have caused men all over to say “That’s it! ” But jumping to that conclusion is a HUGE mistake.

How does someone divinely good looking end up with someone who’s… The obvious answer is that the half of the relationship who doesn’t look like a Hemsworth brother is a really nice person. Shared history, each other’s parents becoming second family – all more important than symmetrical features. If someone is loaded then you might start looking past their horrific face.

Maybe it’s veganism, maybe it’s cage fighting or maybe they’re both Zoroastrians, but whatever it is, a super niche, super intense shared interest can get people to look past a whole lot of facial flaws. It’s a lot easier to put up with an ugly partner when you’re partially blinded by diamond sparkle.

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