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intense emotion that can oftentimes disguise itself as love. I've had so many one-month relationships where the breakups burned more severely than my long-term ones, just because infatuation is strong of a feeling. It sneaks into your relationship and makes you think you've met the one, only to have things blow up in your face before your romance has even gotten off the ground. Yeah, unsurprisingly, it didn't last, and now, we've blocked one another on every form of social media. That relationship I had where the guy asked me to be his girlfriend on the second date, and we said “I love you” one week in?In order to be in a relationship with someone, you're going to have to withstand the good, the bad, and the ugly.You can't gauge that from just a few dates with someone.Parikh explains, “In infatuation, you want your partner to do what you want when you want it. Yeah, that's infatuation.“When infatuation ends, you may seek revenge or be mired in jealousy.But, love understands that we are all autonomous beings seeking our individual fulfillment, which may not perfectly align to your vision.”A healthy relationship involves two complete people with full lives. Love makes you want to heal childhood wounds and other dysfunctions, so you can be a better person for your partner and the relationship,” Parikh says.Every new thing you learn about him or her just makes you more enthused about your new relationship. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, infatuation is, “An intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.” People often confuse infatuation with being in love.Infatuation is mostly just based on desire, lust and admiration.

The end of the infatuation stage is the first difficult transition in every relationship.

This leads to the tantalizing euphoria and excitement.

Scientific research has shown infatuation can in fact create a similar chemical reaction in the brain as a drug induced high.

The timing was right, the lighting was on point and when you finally had your first kiss, doves flew up into the sky.

And then, every time you saw “your person,” you got that nauseated feeling in your stomach.

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