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The Frith Book Company has reproduced many of these photos in its 'Photographic Memories' series of books.In 2002, new titles to this series were being added at the rate of 100 per year, with about 150 photos in each. No 49745A [q.v] The book Francis Frith's Hertfordshire contains many dated photographs - and in many cases the pictures will have been issued as postcards.Fred and his younger brother, Thomas Winn Judge (working in the back office) began to produce commercial postcards in 1903.Printing Out Paper was used for early Judges postcards, the prints developing in the sun in shop windows More consistent results were achieved from 1906 onwards when the company acquired an exposing machine.It was then that the numbering of the main series of postcards began.It is as a result sometimes difficult to actually date a particular image, if as is usual, no date is actually printed on the card.

Might some of Fred's drawings have been reproduced as postcards? The sketch, which is about 15cms by 21cms, has Nelsons Column in the centre, a (vintage?

No 49739 [ramsdale] Hitchin, The Biggin Courtyard - F.

It is also possible to buy modern reprints from the old plates/negatives.

The main series of sepia and black & white cards are numbered from 50 to 31782.

An article by Andrew Reynolds in Picture Postcard Monthly, Nov 2003, pp.24-26.

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