Dating a bipolar girlfriend

At that point, Ricki says she already knew he was 'gone.' 'Everybody thought he was missing, but I knew,' she said.Evans was found dead in a car following a self-inflicted gunshot two days later, and Ricki says she intends to return to their favorite beach in Spain to scatter some of his ashes.She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2005, and has faced backlash for suffering the subsequent side effects of taking medication during public outings.And Kerry Katona, 36, is now speaking out against the stigma surrounding the plethora of mental health issues affecting countless people around the world.If you would like to participate in our Life Unlimited feature by sharing your story, please submit your contact information. I relied on two diaries from ages 10-20 to help recall details.Partying with friends to help slow my racing mind morphed into mania at age 15.

They’re typically looking to triangulate a therapist into allying with them against whomever they’re blaming for all their woes.Lake, who was married to Evans from 2012 to 2015, reveals she divorced the jewelry designer after he started giving away her money during a manic episode, and that she even slept with him just three days before he killed himself. The decision to divorce him came 'because he was giving my money away' during his manic episode, she says.'He thought he was a god.' Evans would be eventually hospitalized under a 5150 hold, and Lake located a treatment facility for him.Ricki Lake has opened up about her ex-husband Christian Evans' suicide.The former talk show host, 48, tells People magazine that she was living with Evans, who suffered from bipolar disorder, just months before he tragically took his own life from a self-inflicted gunshot at age 45. It was horrific - he just wasn't the person I had been with for four years,' she said of his manic state.

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