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Some of the guys—like Grant, the firefighter, who regales with a story about fucking in a sleeping bag in a public park—aren't too bad; they're here on TV, after all. This is problematic, since Evan is like 5'2" and built like my mom, whereas Chad is shaped like The Rock. He gets up on the microphone and starts making (awkward) jokes about steroids in Bachelor Mansion and how they lead to erectile dysfunction.

Wells the radio DJ does this weird thing where he makes fart noises while side-humping the ground, whereas Daniel, the Canadian sociopath that he is, admits to tying a girl up just to cut off a piece of her hair. He's not particularly good, but his goal here is to prod Chad, because Chad is a dick.

or something, but instead they're treated to a play.

They're ushered into a dark studio, and against the backdrop of a messy bedroom, a woman in thick glasses walks up to the microphone and immediately starts making orgasm noises.

Even though I'd spent the last three hours on the operating table — I could already feel the first tinges of pain in my lower body — I felt completely reborn.

Though I had been born a boy to my native Hawaiian mother and African-American father, I would never be a man. And now it was official: Charles had died so that Janet could live.

At the arrival gate, I was greeted by two smiling nurses who assured me that everything was going to be OK. I was the one who had lived with the sheer torment of inhabiting a body that never matched who I was inside, the one devastated by the quirk of fate that had consigned me to a life of masked misery.One lady says that Eminem's cock has plenty of 'girth,' and it gets used a lot, since Eminem is very horny and kinky.If you want to have sex with Eminem, don't be surprised if he wants to videotape it."*'90s bombshell alert* According to Groupiedirt: "Richard has been known to get romantically involved with women in the music industry, such as ex-Smashing Pumpkins bassist D'arcy, while she was married."According to Groupiedirt: "Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich is 'unforgiven' for being a sexual disappointment.But Kiedis is understandably reluctant to turn the bridge into a pop-music tourist attraction. For another, it was under that bridge that Kiedis's life bottomed out a few years ago under the weight of a severe heroin addiction."I was reaching a demoralizing low, just kind of hanging out on the streets and doing my thing and not much else, sadly to say," Kiedis explains in a subdued, slightly gravelly voice quite unlike his aggro-stud stage bark.

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One groupie who had him said his technique is 'wham bam thank you maam' and Lars sometimes has trouble getting up his uncircumcised penis."According to Groupiedirt: "Lead singer Johnny Rotten despises groupies. Groupies who want to avoid cruel rejection are advised to steer clear of Johnny, who is reportedly very devoted to his longtime wife."According to Groupiedirt: "This is what one lady had to say about lead singer Nick Hexum: ' I had a roommate who used to sleep with Nick in 1998.

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