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Hey y'all, My name is Raquel (pseudonym), and I am 24 years young from the great state of Texas!

It’s hard to deny that our jobs say a lot about us as people, and most of us would be interested to know what a match does for a living, but Manhattan-based Meier believes we’d fare better by discussing hobbies and interests first.

Where someone lives, where they’re from and what they do for a living are three of the most important pieces of information people want to find out when getting to know someone new, whether a potential romantic partner or friend, virtually or in real life."A lot of feedback that both men and women in our dating courses give us is that it's almost like if you were to ask, 'so how much money do you make? '" Myka Meier, Founder of Beaumont Etiquette, told Cosmopolitan.

What’s more, it could also result in your match answering without asking you anything back, according to Meier.

Getting over this person will not be difficult for you at all. Because while I am sure that you think you are in love, you are not. A person cannot fall in love with someone he or she has never met in person.

You can chat for hours, days, even months or years online, and that includes Facetiming.

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