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Our nation’s defense depends largely on information that comes from foreign languages. It’ll be your job to decipher that information and use equipment to strategically eavesdrop on the enemy.JOB DUTIESTRAININGTen weeks of Basic Combat Training and six to 52 weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction.Some of the skills you’ll learn are: REQUIRED ASVAB SCORE(S)Skilled Technical (ST): 91WARRANT OFFICER TRACK352N Traffic Analysis Technician FUTURE CIVILIAN CAREERSThe skills you learn will help prepare you for a career as a translator for government agencies, embassies, universities and companies that conduct business overseas.The primary role of a cryptologic linguist MOS 35P in the U. Army is to identify foreign language communications using signals equipment.Recruits who already speak a needed foreign language and are fluent in it may be allowed to skip the DLIFLC training course.The DLIFLC training is followed by advanced individual training.

We are also proud to offer specialist phone sex services, catering to many diverse fetishes.In addition to the ASVAB, the Army uses the Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) to evaluate how well a native English speaker can learn a new language.Your score on the DLAB determines the level of difficulty for language training.Clearly, this job would be especially important in a combat situation in a foreign country, where being able to understand communications in other languages would be crucial.But it involves a lot more than just translating and communicating in foreign languages. Duties performed by Soldiers in this MOS (military occupational specialty) include Identifying foreign communications from an assigned geographic area and categorizing signals by activity type; analyzing foreign communication for information to support mission reporting requirements; recognizing changes in transmission modes and tipping the appropriate analytical or intercept authority; providing translation expertise to analysts; operating systems as needed to support signals Intelligence tasking, reporting and coordination; and providing gists, transcriptions, or translations of foreign communications.

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